Group 1190

Bifit-Ka: a store for your pet

Bifit-Ka is a website, dedicated to pets, with a focus on the care of cats and dogs. The variety of foods and toys of quality marks like JULIUS-K9® and Nativia, as well as the regular publications blog posts about pet care, makes the site useful and enjoyable for pet owners.


Group 1152


Consultation, regarding the specific uses and business logic of the brand Bifit-Ka.
Creating a whole digital strategy and a functional WordPress online store, with a design, selected by the client.
Adaptive design for different devices, operational systems and screen resolutions.
Processing and adding product descriptions – various text descriptions, galleries with images, videos.
CMR - an integration of the bulletin with the email marketing platform is implemented.


The clients of “Bifit-Ka” give their pet real food of natural origin, a source of good digestive fiber, without GMO, soy or maize, containing prebiotics and probiotics for immune protection.

The “Bifit-Ka” store also has accessories for pets, and clothes for the trainers and leaders, carefully selected from the team.


  • • WordPress online store
  • • Responsive / Adaptive design
  • •Filling the product content into the catalog
  • • Integrating the bulletin with the marketing platform
  • • Integrating the Facebook store with an automatic update from the site