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The Villa Melnik winery of the family Zikatanovi opens its doors in the year 2013.
The company has modern wine production and specialized, high-qualified staff. In Vila Melnik, the people believe that with hard and consistent work, an honest approach towards the client, and treating nature and wine with respect, they can produce excellent world-known wines with a specific taste


The wine potential is created with bold coupages between rare Bulgarian and international grape varieties, which are continuously renewed in search of the true appearance of the Melnik wine. From the first day, the winery enjoys the visits of wine-lovers, who are enthusiastically enjoying the wine tasting process.

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The website is built according to the business model and the manufacturer's needs.
We added specific categories, necessary for receiving detailed information about the distribution network, the main wine sorts, the limited editions.
The site has levels of access for updating the text content, and an option for the site to grow into an online store. The web design is responsive – it corresponds to the user's behavior and environment based on the size, platform, and orientation of the screen.


  • • Online catalog based on WordPress
  • • An option for expanding the site to an online shop
  • • An option to easily find stores who are offering the products of the winery near the consumer
  • • Responsive/adaptive design
  • • Site maintenance, with the purpose of providing a fast loading time
  • • Product categories in the site